We stand for the energy generation of the future

Clean. Climate-friendly. Sustainable. Umwelt Management AG (UMaAG), based in Cuxhaven with a satellite office in Oldenburg, Germany, is one of the leading players in the wind energy industry in Germany; the company has developed over 60 projects, built over 380 wind farms and produced over 600 MW in volume in the last 20 years.


wind farms in 49 wind park projects planned and built


Mio. € brokered equity


capitalized megawatts in total

Providing a Solid Foundation to Success

The successful business is based on long term experience, comprehensive knowledge of all aspects regarding building and managing wind farms and a proven adaptive capacity to local and international market conditions combined with a friendly, but strong drive to success.

windrad Turbine von der umaag

Modern technologies

The use of the latest technologies ensures efficient and effective project measurements and management on all levels, leading to a transparent flow of communication to investors, shareholders, banks and project partners.

Umwelt Management AG (UMaAG) believes in long term and trustworthy relationships and is looking forward to implementing new projects with existing and new partners in the Renewable Energy arena.


Umwelt Management AG (UMaAG) offers the following services