Projects and Basic Information

Umwelt Management AG has been active on the market for renewable energy projects since 1998. We are one of the leading developers of wind farm projects in Germany; in addition, we also work internationally (i.e. Poland).  

We also plan and build biomass power plants.

Realized Projects since 1998:

  • 1. B € investments in total (including biomass)
  • 845 MW capitalized in total
  • 618,83 MW installed capacity in total
  • 275 M € equity placement in total
  • 384 wind farms in 49 wind park projects planned and built
  • business administration of 233 wind farms in 39 wind park projects
  • technical administration of 54 wind farms in 8 wind park projects
  • planning and development of biomass power plants
  • verified partner for international investors
  • verified support for due diligence phase