We have been building wind turbines from many different manufacturers over the last 20 years. Our long term experience is being reflected  in our professional project management, helping with due diligence processes, especially with regards to ever changing market conditions and technology developments. We offer:

  • High system familiarity and detailed knowledge of a wide range of turbine types
  • Optimal service and full maintenance contracts with manufacturers worldwide
  • Proven and long standing contacts with the largest manufacturers worldwide

AN Bonus 1,3 / 2,0


Enercon E-40 / E-58


Enercon E-66 / E-70 / E-82


Enercon E-92 / E-101

All Inclusive – Full Maintenance Contracts

UMaAG relies on  full maintenance contracts from different manufacturers for wind turbines. These generally guarantee a 97% of technical availability, covering all inspection, repair and maintenance services.

Service Contracts

In special cases regarding specific plant types and locations, simple service contracts may also be useful as an alternative to full maintenance concepts.

In any case, we have many years of experiene in working with a wide range of maintenance concepts and their implementation. We feel very confident to consult on any of these contract types.


Fuhrländer FL 1000 / MD 70


GE / Enron / Tacke 1,5s / 1,5sl


NEG Micon NM 48/52/60/72


Senvion 3.2M114

Technical Operations Management

Since 2012, UMaAG has set up its own technical management under the brand name “WYW – Watch your Windfarm“. Our experienced teams manage 54 turbines with approx. 117 MW in 9 wind farms, 365 days a year, 24/7. Thanks to state-of-the-art in-house operating management software, we can provide a 24/7 system monitoring from and of any location. In addition to the online monitoring, our WYW teams regularly inspect the wind farms in detail on site, regardless of the normal maintenance and repair operations of the respective plant manufacturers.


The WYW teams prepare detailed inspection reports. They also monitor the handling of reported defects and work closely with the manufacturers. In addition, we support appraisers and experts in recurrent test processes required by the local or national authorities.

In addition, our WYW teams are supported by local on-site supervisors, for example to restart iced wind turbines, for snow clearing work or for general environmental care and direct contact with the local residents and authorities.


Vestas V47/66/80


different types of wind plants