Projecting Wind onshore

Our teams are constantly identifying locations for wind energy use.

During the acquisition phase, we take all potential of land possible into account, including

a) legal, b) zoning and c) environmental requirements.

After an in-depth examination of the technical feasibility, we evaluate each projects financial feasibilities on a pro-forma base.

In a next phase we develop first milestone for the project development process.

During the entire planning process, we have a regular and transparent communication with the local community, the residents, the landowners and all the authorities, i.e. TöB (carriers of public interests). This process can take many months, if not years. Only after a detailed assessment of all implementation requirements and financial evaluations, also taking into account at least two certified wind studies, we will decide on actually applying for a building permit.

We not only plan and implement wind power projects in Germany, but also in Poland. In addition, we also plan and build wood-based biomass power plants in Germany.

Projektierung Windkraft
Projektierung Windenergie umaag