About us

Give Change a Chance

Renewable energies, and wind energy in particular, have taken a fascinating turn in Germany: an entire industry was created almost out of nowhere in no time with thousands of jobs, providing the base for a more healthy environment and cleaner air.

Even if the times have become more challenging – especially in Germany, being torn between political power games and new, stricter regulations for the industry – we are still on track: we are moving forward as one of the driving forces pushing the aspects of renewable energy into the market.

We organize various networking events throughout the year with the public, the media and local political representatives; our grass roots approach takes time, but it is the only way to give change a chance; we all have to stand together while pushing the renewable energy transition forward: open-minded, courageous and determined.

Who We Are

We stand for Sustainability. Environmental Consciousness. Economic Responsiblity. Yes, we know these terms are used almost inflationary these day. Still, they are the core of our company, our mission, who we are and what we want to accomplish with working in the Renewable Energy arena: A Better World For Everybody.


Umwelt Management AG UMaAG


Decisions For the Future
Projects make sense for us, if they not only represent short-term success, but also have a long-term positive effect on all parties involved. Our renewable energy projects are based on a healthy ecological and economic foundation. We work very closely with our partners, always looking for ways to give positive impulses to a region; and supporting the local leaders and organisations in their efforts to achieve a better and more sustainable future for their community.


In Harmony with Nature
Highest priority for all of us: always reach positive results for the environment. We are only committed to projects that are environmentally friendly in the short- and in the long run. We expect the same motivation from our partners. Our success in over 20 years in the renewable energy arena speaks for itself: And we are proud of it.

Healthy Economy

Our Benchmark to Success
Umwelt Management AG is 100% committed to sustainable projects that can be realized with economic success. We take pride in our proven calculation models and timely implementation of projects. That’s how our team reduces risks and improves long-term profitability.

Our Philosophy

Principles and Values In Our Daily Work
We are as good as our team is. We believe that top performance can only be achieved in a transparent and open work flow where everyone can develop according to his or her abilities. Our work environment is based on fairness, team work and an open, solution driven communication. Our efficient work style leads to quick decisions and maximum effectiveness in our daily work.