Project Development

Project Development of Onshore Wind Turbines

Development of Wind Turbines Onshore

The project development team is responsible for the planning and construction of wind turbines and it many little and large steps in the process. To promote the expansion of renewable energies and take part in the energy transition, we are constantly identifying suitable areas and sites not only for wind turbine projects, but also for solar, biomass and sustainable real estate projects.

Land Acquisition

If we are offered land, we first assess the potential of the land under purely planning-related aspects: a) legal regulations, b) planning area / zoning aspects, c) nature conservation and species protection requirements. More details on land acquisition, especially if you are interested in leasing your land to us, can be found here.

Plant types and Profitability

During the land assessment we approach the manufacturers of wind turbines and evaluate which turbines can be erected in an economically as well as ecologically optimized way. Afterwards, we base the project on our profitability matrix based on the expected yields. We develop a first draft, which is the starting point for the project development. In this phase we also already talk to our partner bank or investors to create a viable financing concept.


During the entire planning process, we communicate on a regular basis and very openly with the parties involved including the municipality, lan- owners and the public interest parties. We want to ensure that everyone is involved in the process and that questions and uncertainties can be clarified as early in the process as possible.

Planning and Obtaining Permits

The planning process for wind energy can take many months, if not years. While the expansion and transition of renewable energy is driven by politics, our priority is to involve the public in the planning process, pro-actively and transparent. It is also important for us to review nature conservation and species protection concerns, which can be quite time-consuming, but it is necessary to stay firm on our value system. Only after a precise assessment of the possible implementation challenges and risks, and only after obtaining various independent expert opinions on noise levels and wind yields, we can make an educated decision on the economic feasibility of the project. And only then we will prepare and submit the approval documents for the permit to the governmental authority.

Wind Study

We have been working with renowned experts on wind yields for years. We follow a specific process, even if it is often not necessary: For each wind energy project, at least two independent wind assessments are prepared by accredited, certified institutes. Strongly deviating results are always taken as a reason for a new examination to avoid surprises and to minimize the risks for the economic success of the project. Expert opinions are verified on the basis of yield values of comparable wind turbines located in the immediate vicinity or in a comparable environment in the region – unless wind turbines operated in the vicinity are directly included in the respective expert opinion. If there is no comparable data available, a separate wind measurement is carried out at the site.



The Construction Phase

As soon as a project is approved and received the official permit, we approach construction companies and obtain bids. We draw up a construction schedule and start the construction phase shortly thereafter. We organize construction phases with the contractor and municipalities, travel to the site for inspections, and mediate if there are any problems on the site. It takes about 3-4 months to build a wind farm. A wind farm could supply about 3000 households with electricity per year.


The First Commissioning

We usually organize a big first commissioning event and invite all parties involved, representatives of the authorities, financiers, local politicians and representatives of nature and species protection organizations to celebrate together. We also celebrate being actively involved in the growth and transition of renewables. We are making an important contribution to the energy transition and work relentless against climate change. We are active in the energy production of the future: sustainable.profitable.independent.

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