About us

About us

Projects and Data

Umwelt Management AG UMaAG has been active in the field of renewable energy projects on the German market since 1998. Meanwhile almost 50 employees work at two locations: Cuxhaven and Oldenburg. Internationally, several wind energy projects are being planned and /or are in the construction phase in Poland. In addition, UMaAG has implemented 2 biomass power plants, a solar project and 2 sustainable real estate projects. Another highly energy-efficient multifamily project with 32 apartments for families, couples and senior citizens is in the making.

Facts and Figures


Employees at Two Locations

1300 Mio €

Total Investments incl. Biomass

661 MW

Total Installed Capacity

845 MW

Total Marketed


Wind Turbines Planned and Erected in 50 Wind Farms


Wind Turbines in 35 Wind Farms in Commercial Management


Wind Turbines in 12 Wind Farms in Technical Administration


Conception of Biomass Power Plants

300 Mio. €

Raised Equity Capital


Planning and Construction of Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Commercial Real Estate and Apartment Buildings


Successful Support in Due Diligence


Conceptual Design of Solar Projects

Creating the Energy Transition Together

Renewable energies and especially wind energy have taken an amazing development in Germany: A whole branch of the energy industry, the wind energy, emerged almost from nothing into one of the most important sectors – especially in view of all the turmoil in Europe and all that follows today. We are doing everything we can to raise awareness for any critical issues – especially now in times of energy dependencies – to get politicians and the public on board; to promote wind energy and thus the expansion of renewable energies in harmony with people and nature. To this end, we organize various events and conferences throughout the year, talk to the media and local politicians – always close to the people, grassroots and on a mission. This is the only way we will achieve the energy transition: together, on the same page, courageously and purposefully moving forward.

We Introduce: Our Teams

Land Acquisition

Erik Breuer and his acquisition team work closely with land owners who are interested in offering land for lease to us for our windfarm projects. Please also contact us if you own land and would like to sell it us for our sustainable real estate projects (multifamily, off grid).

Erik Breuer

Sandra Engelke

Jan Strack

Finance and Accounting

Ongoing accounting, preparation of annual financial statements, payment transactions, reporting and much more: our employee no 1, Kerstin Schütte, is responsible for all the financials at UMaAG. Her and her team in Oldenburg/Hatten contribute significantly to the success of our company.

Eugenie Bock

Tammo Sievers

Birgit Czerwonka

Elke Muck

Corinna Neudeck

Kerstin Schütte

Commercial and Technical Management

The two teams of commercial and technical operations management work closely together to achieve maximum revenues, maintaining and growing the value proposition of the wind parks.

From left: Luisa Barkhorn, Nora Mauritius, Claudia Itjen, Heike Warneke, Nicole Lehr, Eric Wölber, Annika Struhs (missing: Jacko Jarck and our new employee since June 2022 Mathis Klepper).

Sascha Lührs and Andrea Landwehr will be happy to answer questions about your lease payments.


Our team for land leases is responsible for the calculation and schedules payment transfers of the leases. Andrea and Sasha support the project development team in the administration of the leases.

Project Development

The project development team is responsible for the planning and construction of wind turbines and it many little and large steps in the process.

From left: Bettina Meyer-Katt, Simone Krüger, Elke Harzmann, Annkatrin Strack, Christopher Kottke (back), Dirk Grabau, Daniel Schütte (management), Tees Nachtigall (back), Peter Zorin (back), Stanislav Kyrychenko (missing our new recruit in June 2022: Sandra Santos-Prill).

From left: Katharina Menke, Anja Zschau, Claudia Itjen

Legal Department

Katharina Menke, Anja Zschau and Claudia Itjen ensure legally sound business relations with our national and international partners, investors and banks. They mitigate legal disputes, support transactions, negotiate contracts and advise our management team and departments on all issues relating to wind farm, solar, biomass and sustainable real estate developments, general project development and licensing issues. All three are also responsible for setting up sensible corporate company structures.

Corporate Communications

Christine Breeze is responsible for the companys corporate image, branding and internal and external communications.

Christine Breeze

Executive Assistants

Alexandra Mandke and Sandra Engelke support our board of directors. Christine Breeze fills in as a substitute. Our call center is open from Monday to Thursday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm and on Fridays until 2:00 pm under 04722 9109 0 and is handled by Ms. Engelke.

Sandra Engelke

Alexandra Mandke

Christine Breeze