We Not Only Work In One Of The Most Modern And Innovative Industries, We Also Breathe And Live It.

Whether e-bikes, e-cars or a modern and energy efficient office building, we – Umwelt Management AG – put great emphasis on the importance of authentic work and life.

Our employees are given the opportunity to lease or buy e-bikes, our car fleet is currently being converted to electric cars. Our office building is energetically aligned to the latest standards – with photovoltaic system on the roof, storage in the basement and a modern DACHS system. For us, climate protection is not just a phrase. The new office building – which is planned for completion in 2020 – will be a role model for a modern 21 century work place in Germany and Cuxhaven.

Uwe Leonhardt, our CEO of Umwelt Management AG, has been actively involved in the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), the BUND, the Chamber of Commerce and the Nature Conservation Foundation for many years. One of Uwes credos is that climate protection and nature conservation always come first in every project. Everything is connected: climate change, the switch to and implementation of renewable energy projects, the protection of nature and species.

The ultimate goal of any project: to reconcile climate protection with nature and environmental protection closing the ‘life’ circle. As chairman of the BWE regional association Elbe-Weser-Nord, Uwe Leonhardt and our team have been organizing many networking events in the district of Cuxhaven in the last 5 years – with hundreds of guests, often fiercely discussing topics related to renewable energies as well as listening to panel discussions with politicians, entrepreneurs and representatives of local and regional environmental organizations.

We are committed to a better climate and a more beautiful, livable world, for us and for future generations.

In addition, we to take care of our fellow humans in under-developed countries; we just try to do our best even in the small things:

Healthy Work-Life Balance: Promoting Families in the 21 st Century

We are strong promoters of a healthy and balanced work-family life style: we offer parental leave for our female and male team members with easy re-entry into our work force; we also promote working from home or other flexible working models which may be necessary for our employees having small children at home. UMaAG is a good as our team is: that is why we do anything necessary to provide a safe and modern work place for young mothers and fathers. This includes reimbursing possible monthly fees for Kindergarden childcare or costs of other temporary childcare solutions.

We Care for Children: Sponsoring Beatriz from El Salvador with Plan International e.V.

Since 2008, our team has been accompanying Beatriz from El Salvador, who is now 13 years old, on her way to a better future. She has been able to attend school, has access to proper health programs and other community projects for children.

The sponsorship was initiated by UMaAG team members as a private donation. This joint support makes an important contribution to our social competence and team spirit.

Funding WWF (World Find Fund)

UMaAG has been supporting the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) since 2001.

Supporting Greenpeace, BUND, nabu and BWE

UMaAG has been an active member of Greenpeace since 2002. Uwe Leonhardt is also an active member of the BUND since 2014, nabu and is one of the founding members of BWE (Bundesverband Windenergie).