Our experienced acquisition team understands the importance of communicating in a regular and open manner with landowners, residents, representatives of local communities, local authorities and politicians to develop a solid base of trust during the acquisition process.

As a basis for securing land we offer a regular lease agreement for all landowners. In addition, and if the situation asks for it, we develop individual lease concepts with landowners. We also provide specifically structured partnership models for our investors and partners; we listen very closely to concerns and suggestions from residents; and we are very much involved in the zoning process as well as in the nature conservation requirements for each project. Only after having worked with and through all requirements and found a solution for all concerns we will go ahead and secure the portion of land for our wind farm projects.

Please note: Our goal is to implement wind farm projects in a well-balanced field of interests between the parties.

Please also note, especially if you are a land owner, that we are aware of so called “incentivised bait offers” by our competitors which sound awesome at first sight, but have to be usually re-negotiated in the long run, because they are economically not viable. We are not part of this kind of bait schemes and have no such contracts in our repertoire. Working with us means that we tell you the truth about lease payments and expected revenue, even if you do not want to hear it.

If you are a landowner or you know somebody who owns land and is open to work with us on a sustainable wind energy project, please contact or call us: +49 (4722) 9109 0.