Energy Concepts

Our world needs comprehensive energy concepts

The energy transition is an electricity transition. At the same time, we need solutions for heat & mobility. Within the interaction of wind, solar and biomass as well as the use of storage technologies, we support communities or even entire counties to contribute to the energy of the future, off grid. As a local energy “provider” the community is now able to ensure sound financial returns for the region. We still believe in the formular: Expansion of renewable energies = climate protection = species protection.

We want to supply as many households as possible with energy (electricity & heat) by 2030. Join us with your city, community, or county!

In doing so, we work closely with citizens, administrators, landlords and politics to educate, show revenue potentials, and increase the acceptance of new technologies in the communities. Innovation is fun when everyone is involved, and the benefits are dispersed to the masses.

Meet Our Team


If you are looking for a energy solution for your community or municipality, you have come to the right place. Your contact person when it comes to complete energy solutions: Heiko Roß (Board of Management Umwelt Management AG UMaAG).

Tobias Haßelmann
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Board of Directors UMaAG


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