Sector Coupling

UMaAG provides support for new and innovative concepts for power supply

Sector coupling links the electricity, heating and gas grids as well as the mobility sector. It is a key to the further development of the energy turnaround on Germany’s way to the targeted climate neutrality.

The energy turnaround is driving the expansion of wind power and photovoltaics. The share of renewable energies in electricity generation is rising continuously. Renewable energies supply clean electricity, but due to dependence on wind and weather, often too little or too much electricity is produced – in the future, the decrease in generation must follow. Controllable loads and storage are needed, as we find in mobility and heat supply.

Every year, the interventions of network operators to ensure a stable power supply (so-called redispatch measures) increase. To stop this trend, UMaAG focused on the use of technologies for sector coupling.

Creating synergies for the energy transition with sector coupling


Counties with available land for electricity generation from wind and PV will produce far more energy than they can consume in the region. UMaAG is working with partners on solutions for sector coupling (electricity to heat, electricity to mobility, electricity to gas). Surplus energy is to be marketed either between cells or to other electricity customers. For example, we are currently developing concepts that link green living (link to real estate section), e-mobility and energy parks including wind turbines, power-to-heat, PV and combined heat and power plants.

We are collaborating with universities on research projects on these topics.

Meet our team


Contact us if you are interested in sector coupling projects or if you own suitable land or if you would like to participate in the financing of sector coupling projects.

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